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Arduino Users Group Meeting - Auckland - Update

Friday the 9th of October saw a great turnout for the  Arduino Users Group meet-up for Auckland and below are a few pics so you too can share vicariously in our random banter and a few cold lagers too.

We had a good turn out for what could arguably be called the first 'proper' AUG meet up and there was certainly no shortage of ideas being thrown around, ideas shared or a few chuckles at the 'Arduino Beer Glass' which measures the temperature of the beer and can alert the drinker to any potential temperature problems by transmitting its data back to base to be graphed and an alert threshold set for 'Defcon One' aka 'Warm Beer'.

For the next meeting we're twisting Vik Ollivers rubber arm to get him to bring the RepRap along and show us how it works. If you've not heard of the RepRap yet its a DIY Arduino powered 3D printer which can even print copies of the majority of parts for itself.

Maori TV:
We'll also have the folks from Maori TV along to do some filming and to check out what all this fuss about Arduino is about. They promise not to be invasive or film anyone who doesn't want their mug to be shown on TV while trying to enjoy a cold beer.
I would be absolutely stoked to hear from some of you who have Arduino based projects that you could bring along on the day though as it would be awesome to be able to show them just what these tinkers get up to. Don't be shy if it's not in the best condition; it's the tinkering that they're interested in not the look of the project. Contact me if you'd like to bring something along.

Anyway, that's enough from me. Check out the pics below and we hope to see you for the next Arduino Users Group in Auckland which meets on the second Thursday of every month at 6pm at the Playhouse Pub by Aotea Square. Novembers meeting will be on the 12th.

People came and went but in general we had a great turn out. Hope to see you join us next time. No one really knew each other at the start but by the end we had a chance to hear about some awesome projects and have fun doing it.

  Borisinvestigating the use of Arduino for tracking people playing sports in real time.

Sebastian Hamilton came along and we were able to check out the [currently] finished version of his Arduino based project which tracks a user and then projects a sensory experience around them and on them using vibration and light. It has to be seen to be believed. Check out the YouTube video here.

The Arduino Beer Mug which is keeping me safe from drinking a warm beer. Phew!

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