Hi Res 3D Scanning being Used by Massey University To Record Artifacts Permanently

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A sit down with a scientist...

Recently, I sat down with Dr Daniel Thomas - he tried hard to hide his fantastic excitement but sitting on his desk was a project well worth getting excited about -  a David 3D scanner rig setup to scan a range of bones from reptiles, penguins, tiny bird skulls and a massive head of some sort of prehistoric creature. 

Our Chat and Tech Rundown

The Scanner

The scanner he is using is a David SLS-2

You can find out more about it here:


The Results

You can also check out some of the result of the scanning here with a 3d viewer. It's likely that many of these files will be opened to the public in the future once the owners of the bone sets gives the ok.


This is just one snap of the object. Often Daniel takes many snaps and the software stitches them together in the solid manifold object.

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