Upverter - My thoughts on this different take on PCB design

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How many PCB design tools have you seen around? Most of the open source community stick with Eagle but about two years ago I went on a mission to see who's doing it differently and I found these guys.

Two years later, they aren't just doing it differently, but...and I hesitate to be so bold, they may even be doing it better. Upverter has a parts library of 1.2 million chips, parts and components to make design easier, tools to allow you to collaborate with others and a community focus that I can't hide my love for. Upverter's PCB routing also works better than Eagles auto-route, but then again so does a bacon sandwich.

Living between work, home, cafe and friends houses means that a web based solution has it's perks - work once and load it from anywhere you can find a browser. The downside is that the community edition of upverter requires you to make your designs open to everyone. This may not be a downside to everyone but there are plans for folks who need more privacy for their world domination plans.

For me, I'm just glad to see an alternative to Eagle that brings community, a vast parts library, bill of materials, the ability to render your design and decent routing tools together in a package (read: web tool) that is intuitive and, hopefully easier to learn.

The maker revolution is about making it easier to make new hardware after all right?


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