Greatly enhances the Handheld HD Scan Mode of the EinScan-Pro+

Price: $1,817.58

EinScan HD Prime Pack

EinScan HD Prime Pack accelerates the scan speed in Handheld HD Scan Mode and captures more details of the scanned objects. It’s ideal for cultural heritage preservation, archiving, restoration, etc.

  • Enable markers-free alignment in Handheld HD Scan Mode
  • Scanning speed is increased by 30%, capturing high-accuracy and high-resolution scanned data more rapidly
  • Capture more details when scanning without markers in Handheld HD Scan Mode

EinScan-Pro series are multi-functional 3D scanners for your most diverse application because of its four versatile scanning modes: Handheld Rapid Scan, Handheld HD Scan, Automatic Scan, and Free Scan.