Price: $34.69


Helium adapters make it simple to physically connect the Atom Prototyping Module to popular embedded devices. The Helium Atom to Raspberry Pi Adapter is an easy-to-use HAT-like board equipped with a NRF24LO1 port, Atom socket and RGB-status LED.

Also included with each board is an onboard socket for a NRF24LO1 or NRF24L01+ 2.4GHz wireless transceiver module in case you wanted to swap out one of the mini antenna included on the Atom Prototyping Module.

Since Helium is a complete toolkit for building IoT applications that can connect to public clouds, a pre-built, secure connection from Atom modules interacts with what are called Helium Channels. Channels are a convenience layer between sensors and your organization’s cloud of choice that can connect to public clouds like Amazon Web Services, Azure, Google Cloud IoT Core or a private offering. Channels can also be used to send device data to applications and services via generic protocols like HTTP and MQTT.