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MindKits EDU - Bringing STEM to you.

We Bring The Van. We Bring The Equipment.
We Bring The Workshops.

Your school could be one of the very first to experience the new - MindKits EDU Van.

We come out to your school with all the gear and skills needed to run a day of 3D Printing and Robotics Workshops with your students.

As technology becomes increasingly important in schooling we here at MindKits see a disconnect between the amazing potential technology has to amplify learning and the often frustrating experience many teachers have trying to implement it.

The world is changing at such an incredible rate it blows the mind… and a changing world requires a new approach to education. Welcome the new MindKits EDU Van - You can think of it as a educational technology experience platform; an amazing opportunity to introduce or expose your students and teachers to the best educational technologies first hand - so you can make sure they actually work in a school environment!

We demystify the marketing jargon and thoroughly test every aspect of a new technology to develop a true understanding of its potential, reliability, durability and ease of use. That means MindKits not only offers full support for the hardware and software but all kinds of documentation, assistance and pointers to accelerate and streamline use in your school or classroom environment.

The MindKits EDU Van offers a foundational experience with a range of important Educational Technologies - backed by Lesson Plans; providing the personal, hands on understanding and confidence needed before investing in new equipment for your school.

For those interested we also offer direct Up-Skill time with teachers as well as genuine advice on all types of technologies and their application as learning tools.

We are bringing the classroom to you with workshops by MindKits EDU. 3D Printing, Robotics and Electronics have never been so accessible!


2 x Workshops : Max 30 students per workshop (60 per day)

Workshop 1 - 3D Printing :

  • Mars Colony Project
    Intro to CAD & 3D Printing Workshop
  • 3 Hours + Breaks

Workshop 2 - Robotics :

  • Edison Session
    Intro to Robotics Workshop
  • 2 Hours + Breaks

EDU Tech :

  • 3 x 3D Printers - Ultimaker 2+
  • 15 x Robots - Edison

Requirements from the participating school :

  • A classroom
  • A computer for each student participating
  • Maximum of 30 students per workshop
  • Maximum of 60 students per day
  • MindKits may wish to film and gather media during an event
  • All participating students need to have signed a media waiver before we come out

We are incredibly excited to bring this new experience from MindKits to your school and students!

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Robots for people that aren't robots! Build machines with robots and Lego.

Electronics made for learning.

Design and 3D Print:
Cookie cutters, Water Rocket, Mars Colony, Sand Timer project, Living Wall project, Micro Bit (BBC Micro:Bit)
PLUS: Moa Bones meet technology and 3D Printing, topographical maps of NZ Mountains.