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Auckland Makerspace, Meeting Space & Hangout - Open to all of Geeky Persuasion

Mindhive is a tech collective built around offering custom industrial tech to NZ and international SMEs...but now they're opening up the space up as a maker space, hacker space, meeting place and creative space...and it's awesome!
I met with Dion from Mindhive and he was kind enough to write a post for us. Keep reading for more.

We now have a space down in Britomart that is open to tech creatives wanting to get out of their parents basement (for want of a better expression). The space space normally houses our dynamic projects team so its not always full is dominated by a 30ft inflatable brain cell, has power, high speed net, a shed load of stairs (its on the top floor) and an open door policy to nerdy creatives.

We want to offer it to anyone who would benefit from getting out of the garage, needs a place to meet clients or just wants to work in proximity to other creatives (we permanently host a custom web design/business configuration company - as well as being one floor above some of Auckland's top design and creative guys).

The only criteria we have is that anyone up here (not on contracted work for us) contributes to the space in some way.

Mindhive runs internal projects, allocated to 'sandpit time', that our guys can work on when they need some distraction - but anything goes really. Even having a jazz on the broom would qualify (there's plenty of floor though - wouldn't be my first choice).

Casual desk users can't brand their areas (no signage - nothing on the walls etc), wont always get the same desk (they're all on wheels so they tend to wander) and can't leave heaps of things around - i.e they have to take their things with them at the end of the day.

We're implementing build pallets – packing pallets on castors so your 3D printer or half finished beer launching mini fridge can follow you round.

No open flames (sounds silly but it has to be said in an early 1900s building already ravaged by fire)

Anybody up here CAN use the brain (check out the site to see what I mean) for meet ups, bring clients up etc. (try not to fall asleep in it)

Everyone up here is encouraged to wander round and talk to other nerds. Most of the walls are painted in blackboard paint - there's chalk everywhere - go nuts.

Casual desks aren't really aimed at running a fully fledged office, but are perfect for making a good impression on a new customer or just for having somewhere to meet - often thats enough of a leg up.

Take a look at our website to get an idea what we're about and find out how to get in touch.

Joe rice commented on 08-Jul-2012 12:59 AM
The H is missing the the url link
Tim - MindKits commented on 09-Jul-2012 09:41 AM
Thanks for letting me know matey.
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