Looking for high-resolution 3D printing without the high price?

Introducing Moai, an affordable well to get into laser SLA printing.
Retail: $2,714.99
Price: $2,185.00

  • Build Volume: 13 x 13 x 18 cm
  • 70-micron laser spot
  • Comes with a PDMS Vat
  • Mechanically capable up to 5-micron layer height resolution. Print layer height is dependent on the resin.
  • Print via G-Code. Use the familiar Cura to slice your model
  • High resin compatibility, means access to lower cost resins as well as specialty resins
  • Full access to laser exposure settings. Perfect for researchers and developers
  • The kit does not include any resin and user would need purchase separately
  • An active and friendly community of users supporting and learning from each other.
  • This is a kit set and you will need to assemble the machine yourself

Tools that come with the Moai are:-
Side cutters
UV Protection Glasses
Bed adjustment Tool
Paint scrapper