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Mixed bag of Resistors
Price: $10.35
Availability: Stocked
MK-Misc Item #: MK-Grab-Res -

So you are building a project and you have just found you need a Resistor? Resistors are a good thing, in fact, they're actually crucial in a lot of circuit designs. The only problem seems to be that resistors disappear into thin air. The only way to be sure that you're going to have the resistor you need when you need it is to stock up. Grab this bag of assorted Resistors and never be left short again with well over 100+ in this bag!

1/4W Resistor Pack -2000 PCS
Price: $34.40
Availability: Out of Stock
DFRobot Item #: FIT0119 -

This is 1/4th Watt, +/- 5% tolerance carbon film PTH resistors. This pack includes upto 100 various resistor value. You only need one pack for all your projects. Great value saving.   It comes with 20 of each value:  1R 1.2R 1.5R 4.7R 5.1R 10R 12R 15R 18R 20R 22R 30R 33R 39R 47R 51R 68R 100R 120R 150R 180R 200R 220R 300R 330R 390R 470R 510R 680R 1K 1.2K 1.5K 1.8K 2K 2.2K 3K 3.3K 3.9K 4.7K 5.1K 6.8K 10K 12K 15K 18K 20K 22K 30K 33K 39K 47K 51K 68K 100K 120K 150K 180K 200K 220K 300K...