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Leaper - Upgraded RFID& Stepper Driver Learning Kit for Arduino
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Elecrow Item #: EL-AK55865RF -

This Learning Kit includes some of the advance modules such as RFID module, Stepper driver module to help you learn Arduino and related technologies. You can learn these knowledge while making experiment to get rid of the boring theory knowledge and obtain the single-chip microcomputer system development ability in the playPartlist1 x UNO R3 board1 x RFID reader moduleDS1302 clock module1 x 5v step motor1 x Step motor 2003 drive board10 x Green LED10 x Yellow LED10 x Red LED2 x Rocker switch1...

Climber - Intermediate Development Kit for Arduino
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Elecrow Item #: EL-AK55831MD -

This Experiment Kit for Arduino includes the basic modules that popular used to learn Arduino, there are also 24 lessons for you to dig into the world of Arduino, from simple to complex. With these modules and the detailed user guide, you will certainly be able to make your own dream to reality, with Arduino.The content of these Lesson are:LED flashing experiment;PWM control light levels experiment;Advertising light water experiment;Button control LED experiment;Traffic light design...