Price: $4.74


Arduino and Breadboard Holder - Ding and Dent

This base plate holds an Arduino and a self-adhesive clear breadboard and provids two screws which give you a more solid and simple connection. This plate can be used with any board that has the Arduino mounting holes which means the Arduino Uno, The Leonardo, FEZ Panda even the Electric Sheep can all be screwed down to the base plate for easy prototyping. You can even mount the board facing either way you like. You will need to provide your own screws for holding your board. **Note: **Due to a manufacturing error these holders are pretty warped but still easily usable. They might have slight imperfections and will wobble a bit on a table, but hold an Arduino and breadboard just fine. If you don't mind a holder that's a bit warped, cupped, or lopsided, this is for you!