Price: $65.55


Red Copper filament, 3.0mm, 0.5kg/spool

Red Copper Filament

We want to bring you the most consistent and excellent filament possible and at a price that you can afford. We partnered with a company who custom make our plastic for us and have plastic engineers on site to ensure you get only the best quality filament.

What's more, each high quality roll comes on an easy turning plastic spool. We then have each roll sealed in an airtight plastic bag with a desiccant inside and finally packaged in a protective cardboard box so that your plastic is in the best possible condition and free of moisture when it gets to you. No one likes buying filament and discovering it's been soaking up moisture for a year in someone's warehouse.

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Our Red Copper filament is kind of a modified PLA filament. No smell during printing. Suitable to print artwork such as antique artwork and it has an excellent metallic bronze finish. Let you artistic flare shine!

Accurate Diameter: 3(+0,-0.03) mm, or 1.75(+/-0.03) mm.
Non harmful, non-toxic, and environment friendly.
Printing temp. is 205~210 degrees C

Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:

A vibrant red copper colour with a metallic look


I'm really happy with the vibrant surface finish I am getting straight off the printer without needing any sanding or post processing, My prints were coming out very glossy and shiny at the higher temp range of 210c but dialing it down to 200c eliminated any stringing and still gave excellent results. I did have to change my minimum layer time to 25c to give it a little longer to cool down, presumably due to the copper particles holding some heat in.

Overall, a great colour, easy to print and stunning results without any print cleanup hassles.