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MindKits Professional Development Workshops

Living Wall

A living wall is a project to 3d print planters which are wall mountable.
It can be any size, or a continuing project that grows over months or even years.
The living wall brings together group work, 3d design, 3d printing, DIY, community and ecology and knowledge around our fragile planet.
We design the face of the 140 x 140mm panels using 3d design software, teach the students how to print them, then put plants in them and mount them on the wall. Each step teaches a new set of skills in a hands on and engaging way while wrapping it around an end goal which is achievable.
Phase II : In the middle of the wall is an open section where we spray moss over a stencil of the school's logo and this grows into a living representation of the logo.
Phase III : Add electronics and vibration motors so that passers by can touch the planters and the plants will vibrate, giving good vibes and haptic feedback for the attention - an emotional connection between the wall and the passer by is created.

Minecraft 3d printing workshop

Use Minecraft to design your 3d printed world and then learn how to print it on an Ultimaker 3d printer.

  • group work
  • design thinking
  • in depth design and 3d printing understanding
  • Using gamification to attach solid learning outcomes in the classroom

3d design

Design a plastic soda bottle rocket and 3d print the fins and designs.

Then take it out in the real world and launch it using a low pressure air compressor while figuring out what makes one work better than another design.

-Design thinking

-Group Work

-3d printing


-practical application of problem solving skills and analysis

Robotics with Arduino and programming with block code

New robot platform with personality.

Use blocks of code to build a program and make your robot save a kitten from the burning building.

Use tech like infrared, ultrasound to make your gender neutral robot solve the problem of finding someone is a room that is totally dark with 'smoke'.

-group work

-problem solving

-logical thinking

-design challenge


Jewelry design and 3d printing

Still in development but will be available in the future

Talking Rubbish Bin

Teaches basic electronics and assembly in a hands on and fun project with links to ecology


$1500+GST total per day for up to 16 teachers

We can supply a second facilitator for $500 which allows us to take up to 28 teachers