Want 20% off your filament costs?

Buy your 3D Printer from MindKits and you'll get access to the VIP group which will save you 20% off each roll as our way of saying thank you.*

*Applies to 1kg rolls of our everyday brands(eg E-Sun). Excludes premium brands such as Polymaker and Ultimaker

Total Cost of Ownership

Material costs add up over the life of your 3D Printer. Saving 20% on each roll adds up to a substantial amount of savings and lowers the total cost of owning your 3D printer.



Unlock Unlimited Use

With filament costs out of the way, you can unlock your unlimited potential. Explore and experiment without the concern over wasted material costs and unlock you




When you buy a 3D Printer from Ultimaker or Snapmaker from MindKits you will receive a code. Use this code on checkout and the system will apply your 20% discount to all the applicable filament.
This lasts for the life of the printer.
Our little way of saying thank you for your business