4WD Mobile Platform for Arduino Smart Robot Car

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    With the rising of WIFI technology in recent years, there are many electric products utilize it, like mobile phone, watch, Smart Home, even in omnibus. So we decide to DIY a different and special robot car called: SMART WIFI VIDEO CAR. You can easy to understand the function of this robot car by its name. YES! You can control its movement and image real-time collecting through WIFI connection. What a cool robot car! And you can develop more expand module on this platform. What shows in picture is our basic kit, it contains two piece of acrylic chassis, four wheels and four motors and motor brackets.Screws and nuts, copper standby also included. Complimentary a small screwdriver that provides convience to your works.Below is picture obout the parametere of motors

    Package list

    • Acrylic chassis x 2
    • Wheel x 4
    • Motor x 4
    • Moter bracket x 4
    • Power switch x 1
    • Copper standby kit bag x 1
    • Screws and nuts kit bag x 1
    • Battery holder x 1
    • Circular grid board x2

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