50pcs DC12V 12mm WS2811 Pixel Node Smart LED

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    look at these colorful LEDs, what a beautiful visual experience! Let?s think about what can make by using it. Signs or advertising screen ? May be more wide range of applications! Let your imagination fly and create more wonderful things. The led adopts perfect optical design, big view angle, waterproof, high brightness and light transmittance, energy saving and environmental friendly. It can be cut each one, easy to operate and repair.


    • Adpots high quality  round hat RGB LED as lighting source
    • High waterproof level 
    • each module as one pixel, takes 3 dmx channels,white strobe color,can be controlled individually
    • With anti-UV, Anti-aging, Anti-high and low temperature to prolongs LED lifespan.
    • SD card off-line control, on-line control and play video, various colors


    • Voltage: 12V
    • Power/PC: 0.72W
    • View angle: 120 degrees
    • Ingress protection: IP66
    • Bunch:50pcs
    • Color: Full Color
    • Working condition: -25?~45?

    Package list

    • DC12V 12mm WS2811 Pixel Node Smart LED x50

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