6-12V R385 DC Diaphragm Pumps

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    This is a R385 DC diaphragm pump, it could be use on a kettle, stove, water dispenser and other tea products, but it was modified to enhance its performance, modified a fixed bracket, and the worklife get greatly improved, even can be achieved 2000 hours. Now it?s become more useful and can be used in experimental models, regular watering, water-cooled notebook and other occasions.


    • Pump Size: 90 mm * 40 mm * 35 mm
    • Outlet diameter: inside diameter of 6 mm, an outer diameter of 8.5 mm
    • Working voltage: DC12V, current work: 0.5-0.7A (6W power must achieve above)
    • Traffic: 1.5-2L / Min (left and right), the maximum suction lift: 2 m
    • Head: Vertical up to 3 meters
    • Work life: up to 2500H
    • Withstand water temperature: up to 80 ?

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    • 6-12V R385 DC Diaphragm Pumps x1