7''1280x800 HDMI/VGA/PAL Display

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        This is a pretty monitor for RPi, which has high performance and is convenient to use. The visible display measures only 7" (17.8cm) diagonal, and the TFT comes in an enclosure with HDMI, VGA and Composite inputs.     This display auto-detects which input you have and switches to that one or you can 'select' from the menu which to display. It comes with a basic stand (shown) and there are four 'mounting thread' holes in the back in a 75mmx75mm square and you can use M4 screws to attach it to an enclosure.     HDMI/VGA/NTSC/PAL input sources are accepted. As you see on the photo, it works perfectly when connected to a Raspberry Pi, but it will also work connected to any device with HDMI, VGA or NTSC/PAL output, such as PC, Notebook or even Camera.

        7''1280x800 HDMI/VGA/PAL Display

             7''1280x800 HDMI/VGA/PAL Display
        7''1280x800 HDMI/VGA/PAL Display     


    • Power: 5-30VDC
    • 700mA power draw at 12V
    • 16:10 display ratio
    • Resolution: 1200 x 800, can be upto 1920:1080
    • Visible area: 150mm x 95mm 16:10
    • Brightness: 400cd/m2
    • Contrast: 800:1
    • Auto-detects between VGA, HDMI and Composite
    • Display plastic case dimensions: 180mm x 130 x 30

    Package list

    • 7 inch 1280x800 HDMI/ VGA/ PAL Display x 1
    • Power Cable (DC 12V ) X 1
    • Vehicle Support x 1
    • Remote Control x 1
    • SKS Cable x 1