7 inch 1024*600 HDMI LCD Display with Touch Screen

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    7inch HDMI LCD(C) supports various systems like Raspberry Pi,Banana Pi,Banana Pro,BB Black to provide Lubuntu?Raspbian with and Angstrom images with high resolution of 1024?600 and capacitive Touch Screen. Besides it upgrades to IPS screen with larger visible angle and more clear display effect. Broadly you can apply it to raspberry pi, HDMI display screen and other mini PC or even computer display. If you gonna use it on raspberry pi zero and BB Black, you need to buy HDMI connect wire for the use and for raspberry pi zero you also need buy USB type A micro cable. Matched with raspberry pi, it supports raspbian, ubuntu to do single touch without touch and while as PC display, it supports Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 to do the five-point touch without drive. For the Windows 10/8.1/8 OS, the touch screen supports multi-touch up to 10 points. For some Window 7 OS, the touch screen supports single touch only. When working with Raspberry Pi, you should set the resolution of the LCD by yourself, or else the LCD screen will not work. When working with Beagle bone,this LCD module is used for display only so you can program the latest Angstrom image file to the board directly without any change. The BeagleBone will read the display parameters of the 7 inch HDMI displayer and set the resolution to 800*480 automatically.
    • Note :
    1.Drivers can be added to your current system to support LCD display and touch control
    2.Images CAN NOT be used with your current system. They're stand-alone systems which support LCD display and touch control already.
    3.If the LCD is intended to play videos, please choose the one with HDMI display interface
    4.All the driver and related image files have been included in the DVD.


    • With 1024?600 high resolution
    • With Capacitive touch control
    • Supports Raspberry Pi, comes with Raspbian driver (works with your Raspbian directly), and Ubuntu image
    • Supports Banana Pi / Banana Pro, comes with Lubuntu, Raspbian images
    • Supports BB Black, comes with Angstrom image
    • Not only for mini-PCs, it can work as a computer monitor just like any other general HDMI screen (touch function is unavailable in this case)
    • Back light control to lower power consumption
    • HDMI interface for displaying, USB interface for touch control

    Package list

    • 7inch HDMI LCD (C)? 1
    • HDMI cable x 1
    • Micro USB cable x 1
    • Copper pillar kit x 1
    • DVD x 1

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