8-Channel EL Shield

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         EL wire is flexible plastic cord that glows brightly when high-voltage AC is applied to it. It?s available in numerous colors with cool, and requires very little current, but it can be difficult to work with because of the high-voltage requirements. The Elecrow EL Shield enables you to implement up to 8 channels of EL wires or tapes in to your project and gives you solution to control the EL wires. With Arduino or Crowduino, You will be able to control 8 EL devices simultaneously and separately. The controlling method is as simple as controlling an LED. Driven by PWM, it can create a colorful and florid effect by controlling each EL wire according to your own programs.
         This Shield comes with 4 pcs of EL wire adaptors to help you connect the standard EL wires to this Shield. Of course you can purchase more to control up to 8 channels. Please also notice that a 5V invertor is needed for this EL shield.There is also the 8-Channel EL Shield Kit which includes all the modules you need for a EL wire project


    • 8-Channel EL Shield x1;
    • Wire Adaptor x4;


    • 8 Channels, with Eight opto-isolated, zero-crossing control channels;
    • Control EL as easy as turning a LED on and off;
    • Compatible with 5V or 3.3V Arduinos

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