8X8 LED Matrix for Raspberry Pi

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    We are know that the I/O Pin of Raspberry Pi is limited. So Raspberry come with LED dot matrix screen, it would be more trouble. But use special LED constant current control chip, basically only takes Raspberry Pi SPI interface (3 IO + 2 enabled) you can control 64 LED lights. LED dot matrix drivers became possible!
    This product is a led-matrix dot-matrix-led-display modul, which compatible with Raspberry Pi B+ and B board. The insertion method for B+ is the same as that of B. The pin GPIO1 on Raspberry Pi B+ corresponds to GPIO1 on Raspberry Pi B.


    • Support Raspberry Pi B/B+
    • Driver chip : MAX7219
    • Dot matrix type: 8x8 common cathode red dot matrix
    • Module size:64.3x35.0x29mm

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