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    ATMEGA328P-AU is a high-performance, low-power consumption 8 bit microcontroller, and its core controller is AVR. It has 32KB of flash memory, and if the chip is power down, the data can still be retained.
    The architecture of the chip is advanced RISC, and can reset by power the chip. The number of digital-to-analog converters is eight and it has 23 input/output line. There are three types of chip interfaces: I2C,SPI and USART. The chip has an internally calibrated oscillator and has six sleep modes:Idle, ADC Noise Reduction, Power Save, Shutdown, Standby and Standby Expansion.


    • High-performance,Low power consumption
    • Nonvolatile memory segment
    • External and internal interrupt sources
    • Power on reset
    • Advanced RISC architecture
    • Internally calibrated oscillator
    • Special functions of Microcontrollers


    • Flash memory capacity:32KB
    • EPROM memory capacity:1KB
    • RAM storage capacitty:2KB
    • Oscillator type:internal oscillstor
    • Clock frequency:20MHz
    • Maximum voltage:5.5V
    • Minimum voltage:1.8V
    • Encapsulation type :TQFP
    • Operating temparature:-40?C to +85?C
    • Pin count:32

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