Bluno Mega 1280 - An Arduino Mega with Bluetooth 4.0

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    Last year we introduced you BLUNO - our first Arduino-compatible hardware solution that makes Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) easy to use. Designed for makers, educators, developers, Bluno has helped tons of idea turning into prototypes. Today, please allow me to introduce a new member in this flouring BLE family: BLUNO MEGA.

    Like Arduino Mega, BLUNO MEGA is a high-end serie of the BLUNO product line. This BLUNO MEGA 1280 is based on ATmega1280 SoC, with 54 digital I/O (input/output) ports (of which 14 can be used as PWM output), 16 analog input ports and 4 UART (hardware serial ports), and uses a 16 MHz crystal oscillator. So, if you are feeling inadequate ports, desire more RAMs, flash memory or EEPROM, here is the answer.

    BLUNO MEGA integrates a TI CC2540 BT 4.0 chip. It allows wireless programming via BLE, supports Bluetooth HID, AT command to config BLE and you can upgrade BLE firmware easily. Whatsmore, it's fully compatible with all Arduino Mega pins which means any project made with Mega can directly go "Blue"!

    • Microcontroller?ATmega1280
    • Clock frequency: 16MHZ
    • Transmission distance: 70m in free space
    • Support bluetooth remote update the Arduino program
    • Support bluetooth HID
    • Support iBeacons
    • Support by the AT command to debug the BLE
    • Support transparent transmission serial port
    • Support the master-salve machine switch
    • Support usb update BLE chip program
    • Working voltage?+5V
    • External input voltage (recommended)?7V~12V DC
    • External input voltage (range)?6V~20V DC
    • Digital I/O outputs: 54 (14 PWM outputs)
    • Analog inputs: 16
    • I/O current: 40mA
    • Flash capacity: 128KB (4k for bootloader)
    • Static storage capacity of SRAM: 8KB
    • Memory capacity of EEPROM: 4KB
    • Size: 108mmx54mm(4.25"x2.13")
    • BLUNO MEGA 1280 x1