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CJMCU-101 is an integrated photodiode and transimpedance amplifier which out chip inside. For putting integrated photodiode and transimpedance amplifiers in a single chip, it can prevent common problems in discrete designs. Such as leakage current error, noise and gain peaks caused by stray capacitance. One advantage of the sensor is that the amplifier is single or dual power supply design, which can working on battery equipment. When the photodiode works in the photoconductive mode, it has a good linearity and low dark current.
The sensor can be used on smoke detectors, currency changers, barcode scanners. It also can be applied on medical instrumentation, laboratory instrumentation and photographic analyzers.


  • Operating on the battery equipment .
  • Quiescent current is low.
  • Amplifier is designed for single or dual power-supply operation.


  • Single supply: 2.7-36v
  • Size of photodiode: 2.29mm x 2.29mm
  • Internal feedback resistor: 1M?
  • Low quiescent current: 120uA
  • High responsivity: 0.45A/W
  • Working temperature: 0-70?

Package list

  • CJMCU-101 OPT101 Analog Light Sensor Light Intensity Module Monolithic Photodiode x 1

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