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This current sensor uses proprietary amplifier and filter design techniques, which can provide industry-produced noise function. The module can prevent offset drift in high-side, high voltage applications. It can totally output error improvement through gain offset and offset trim over temperature. The power consumption of this module is low, just 100 ? ? internal conductor resistance.
The galvanic isolation can use in economical, high-side current sensing in high voltage system. The current sensor can provide an economical and accurate solution for AC or DC current sensing. The typical applications include motor control, load detection and management, power supply and DC to DC converter control, inverter control and over current fault detection.


  • The package size is small, with easy navigation capability.
  • The output voltage is proportional to AC or DC current .
  • It has a very stable output offset voltage .
  • The module is nearly zero magnetic hysteresis .
  • Monolithic Hall IC for high reliability.


  • Working current: 50A
  • Working temperature: -40?-150?
  • Typical bandwidth: 120 kHz
  • Power consumption: 100 ? ? internal conductor resistance

Package list

  • CJMCU-758 ACS758LCB-050B-PFF-T Linear Current Sensor Hall Current Module For Arduino x 1

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