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This module is a high-speed and multifunction external USB memory, which can achieve USB to UART (RS232, RS422 or RS485), FIFO, FT1248, JATG, SPI, I2C and so on. The chip of this module is FT232H, it is a single channel USB to serial / parallel ports which has various configurations. It has entire USB protocol handled on the chip, so there is no USB specific firmware programming required.
With this chip, you can achieve USB 2.0 Hi-Speed and Full-Speed you want. This module can be used as an external memory and a converter for Arduino, which is high-speed and multi-function.


  • It can achieve USB to various fast serial interfaces.
  • It can simplify CPU interface design due to its CPU-style FIFO interface mode.
  • Adjustable receive buffer timeout .
  • It is compatible Hi-speed and full-speed.


  • Hi-speed to UART/FIFO IC: 480Mb/s
  • Full speed: 12Mbits/Second
  • UART transfer data rata: 12Mbaud
  • USB to asynchronous 245 FIFO mode for transfer data rate: 8 Mbyte/Sec
  • USB to synchronous 245 parallel FIFO mode for transfers: 40 Mbytes/Sec

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