Crowtail- 9G Servo

Item #: EL-CT0064NGS
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    Tower Pro SG90 is a high quality, low-cost servo for all your mechatronic needs. It comes with a 3-pin power and control cable, mounting hardware. For good use with Crowtail series products, we decide to add it to our Crowtail family. Hope you can make your work more easier by using it.


    • Compatible with Crowtail
    • Operating Voltage: 4.8 ~ 6.0V
    • Operating Speed: 0.12sec/60 degree(4.8V)~0.1sec/60 degree(6.0V)
    • Torque: 1.6kg/cm(4.8V)
    • Dead Band Width: 5usec
    • Temperature Range: -30?~+60?
    • Cable Length: 25cm
    • Brand name: Tower Pro
    • location of each pin: red (+), brown (-), yellow (signal).

    Package list

    • Crowtail-9G Servo x1

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