Price: $21.55

This Infrared temperature sensor is a non-contact temperature measure model by using the MLX90614, which one is in small size and low cost with measurement resolution of 0.02?. Thanks to its low noise amplifier, 17-bit ADC and powerful DSP unit, a high accuracy and resolution of the thermometer is achieved. We also redesign the interface of it so that can work with our Crowtail base board.


  • Work Voltage: 3.3V ~ 5V
  • Temperature measure range: -40~125?C
  • Measure accuracy: ?0.5?C
  • Compatible digital interface

Application ideas

  • Motion sensor
  • Thief-guarding System
  • Switch
  • Body distance check
  • Industrial automation
  • movement detection

Package list

  • Infrared temperature sensor x 1
  • Crowtail Cable x 1

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