Crowtail- LED Matrix

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    A 8*8 LED matrix has lots of applications when we DIY some electronic kit. So we invite it to join our crowtail, this Crowtail- 8*8 LED Matrix use the HT16K33 which is a neat little chip that has the ability to drive a multiplexed 8x8 matrix (that's 64 individual LEDs).
    The I2C communication protocol uses only 2 pins, and you can have up to 8 selectable I2C addresses so thats a total of 8 matrices, each one controlling 8x8 LEDs for 64 total LEDs. We offer three LED matrix to you-red ,blue and green. You need to pay attention to that the driver can turn LEDs on and off but does not have the ability to individually PWM dim them. This chip is rock solid, has Arduino & Pi example code written for it and is easy to use.


    • Crowtail interface
    • 8*8 LED matrix
    • DC 5V working voltage
    • Size: 40mm(L)*20mm(W)

    Package list

    • Crowtail- LED Matrix x1
    • LED Matrix x 3

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