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This Crowtail microwave sensor module is the use of Doppler radar design principles ?Doppler effect? of the microwave detector moving objects, mainly used in automatic door control switches, security systems, automatic recording control system of ATM, automatic train signal and other places. And we update it for usin with our crowtail modules, you can connect it with crowduino and Arduino.


  • Crowtail interface
  • Non-contact detection
  • Independent of temperature, humidity, noise, air, dust, light and other effects, suitable for harsh environments
  • Anti-RF interference ability
  • Do not constitute harm to the human body due to its low power


  • Compatible with crowtail modules
  • Working voltage?5V ? 5%
  • Working current < 30mA
  • Center frequency: 10.525GHz
  • Sensing distance: 4 m
  • Frequency setting accuracy: 3MHz
  • Power output(min):13dBm EIRP
  • Harmonic Emission: < -10dBm

Package list

  • Crowtail- Microwave Sensor x 1
  • Crowtail cable x 1

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