Crowtail- PH Sensor

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    The module is a PH sensor, which can be used to test PH value of the aqueous solution. The electrode of the Crowtail PH sensor is a composite electrode which composed of glass electrode and reference electrode.
    It is widely used in environmental monitoring, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, dyestuff industry, universities and research institutions in the situation of detection the pH of aqueous solution.


    • The plastic barrier protection of the fragile part of the electrode can?t broken and can not used as a string rod when measuring.
    • The electrode is full screen type to prevent interference of external electric field when measuring.
    • Choose analog pin of Arduino as LED control mode.
    • Supply mode is Crowtail interface.


    • Range of measurement: 0-14 pH
    • Measuring temperature: 0-60?
    • Response time: less than 2min
    • Working voltage: 5v

    Package list

    • Crowtail- PH sensor x1
    • 3 Pin Crowtail Cable x1
    • Analytical surver electrode x1

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