Crowtail- UV Sensor(GUVA- S12SD)

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    The UV sensor is a module that measures the intensity of ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet sensors can convert ultraviolet signals into measurable electrical signals, then use to design modules that measure ultraviolet light, making your design both useful and environmentally friendly.
    It?s widely used in medical, blood analysis, personal electronics, industrial processing, safety monitoring and other power electronic equipment. It plays an important role in monitoring components.


    • The LED control mode is analog pin of Arduino.
    • Choosing Crowtail interface as its supply mode.
    • It?s environmentally for it can transform ultraviolet into measurable electrical signals.


    • Operating voltage: 3.3v-5v
    • Output voltage: 0-1v (DC)
    • Measuring accuracy: 1UV INDEX
    • Response wavelength: 200nm-370nm
    • Stable work: < 0.5 s
    • Operating current: 0.03mA (typical value) ; 0.1mA (maximum value)
    • Working voltage: 5v

    Package list

    • Crowtail- UV Sensor(GUVA- S12SD) x 1
    • 3 Pin Crowtail cable x1

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