Price: $9.65

This R-78E DC/DC Converter is a switching regulator module that has been designed to offer all the advantages of a switching regulator (high efficiency, wide input range, accurate output voltage regulation) but at an economic cost with the ease of adding it to your project.

Due to the R-78E’s high efficiency of up to 91 percent at an output voltage of 5V/1A at the output, no heat sink is required. The compact TO-220 compatible SIP3 package measures only 11.6mm x 8.5mm x 10.4mm, saving precious board space.


  • Efficiency up to 91%, no need for heatsinks!
  • Pin-out compatible with LM78XX linear regs
  • Low profile
  • Wide input range (7V--28V)
  • Short-circuit protection
  • IEC/EN60950-1, Am2 certified