DIY 4x4x4 LED Cube Blue Red LED Electronic Learning Kit

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    The new DIY 4x4x4 LED Cube Blue Red LED Electronic Learning Kit, it has two kinds of versions-Finished products and kits,if you choose the kits, you need to weld it by yourself. The PCB board has printed component parameters, even though without reference to the circuit diagram, can be soldered directly, very convenient.
    1. Double-sided wiring, can withstand repeatedly desoldering, not easy to fall off;
    2. The bending is not easy to happen (Refers to the non-human bending), poor plate will bending by time goes and the environment change.
    3. Impedance more stable and reliable;
    The components are soldering from small to larger. After welding, please self-help debugging, if the welding no error generally can be successful, if welding failure, we can't guarantee you 100% success, but we are committed to achieve full after-sales service.


    • Master chip: STC12C5A60S2
    • Supply voltage: 5V
    • Board size: 71 x 73mm
    • Kit Weight approx: 90g
    • Type: Double color (blue + red LED) kit, single color (blue LED) kit, please choose what you need.

    Package list

    • 1 x PCB board
    • 64 x Super bright long leg LED
    • 1 x 40-pin strip male header
    • 4 x 5mm colorful LED
    • 4 x 15mm copper pillar
    • 1 x DC005 to USB power cable
    • 1 x DC005 seat
    • 1 x 25V 470UF electrolytic capacitors
    • 4 x 1K resistor
    • 1 x 40P chip seat
    • 1 x STC12C5A60S2 programmed procedures
    • 3 x 22P ceramic capacitors
    • 1 x 11.0592M crystal
    • 1 x 1m single conductor

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