Expansion Board for Raspberry Pi A+ B+ 2

Item #: EL-RPA98360A
Bin:U8 - C
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    Arduino is a huge ecosystem, if something could enable Pi interface adapt to a standard Arduino pinouts, it will be able to access a variety of Arduino expansion board, to get more available resources. You may need this item- ARPI600. What's more, the ARPI600 also support XBee modules, make it easy to add wireless feature to your great project.


    • Compatible with Arduino UNO, Leonardo, easy access to a variety of Arduino expansion board
    • Onboard XBee interface, easy access to a variety XBee module
    • Onboard USB TO UART, serial facilitate debugging, can be configured to XBee USB Adapter
    • Onboard sensor interface for easy access to a variety of sensors
    • Onboard ADC, 10 bit, 38KSPS, 11 channels (6 channels for Arduino interface, 5 channels for sensors)
    • Onboard RTC, which is one of the most commonly used functions

    What's on the ARPI600

    • 1: Arduino connector :for connecting Arduino shields
    • 2: ICSP interface :Arduino ICSP
    • 3: XBee connector :for connecting XBee communication modules
    • 4: Sensor interface :for connecting sensors
    • 5: Raspberry Pi connector :for connecting Raspberry Pi
    • 6: USB TO UART
    • 7: TLC1543 :AD converter
    • 8: PCF8563 :RTC
    • 9: CP2102
    • 10: 32.768KHz crystal :for RTC
    • 11: Power indicator
    • 12: XBee state LED
    • 13: XBee and Arduino interface RESET button
    • 14: XBee EASYLINK button
    • 15: RTC battery holder :for CR1220 button battery
    • 16: TLC1543 reference voltage configuration jumper
    • 17: RTC jumper
    • 18: UART jumper
    • 19: Arduino AD selection jumper
    • 20: Arduino I2C selection jumper
    • 21: Arduino SPI selection jumper

    Package list

    • Expansion Board for Raspberry Pi x 1

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