Price: $41.53

Light, thin and versatile solar panel at 1.5V/250MA. Unlike regular solar panels, it is truly flexible to be bent, sewed or treated in the clothing to match any kind of surface line. A good choice for DIY enthusiasts in selecting an alternative power source. Clean energy, in a compact size and a versatile form.

The black edges can be easily cut or sewed, and the solar panel is waterproof.


  • Operating Voltage: 1.5V
  • Max Power: 1W
  • Use of the environment: -40 \xe2\u201e\u0192 ~ 80 \xe2\u201e\u0192
  • Performance: corrosion, moisture
  • Size: 197x98x0.8mm
  • Packaging Material: durable, high transmittance ETFE film
  • Adhesive: weather, high transmittance fast curing EVA film
  • Battery Type: Flexible triple junction amorphous silicon thin film solar cells
Note:The above refers to the electrical performance parameters measured under standard test conditions, namely: light intensity 1000W / \u0103\u017d\u0104, spectrum AM1.5, cell temperature 25 \xe2\u201e\u0192