Gear motor N20-6V 60RPM

Item #: EL-AMS62002A
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        This gear motor has a running speed of about 60rpm@6VDC. It has reliable quality with a large torque, especilly suitable for joy carssamll smarthome projects,etc. All you need to do is connect the postive and negative pole-pin, and it is simple enough for all the beginners.

        There are some other gear motors such as the Gear motor N20-6V 890RPM(With Gear).please select the right one basic on your application. There is also the N20 Gear Motor Bracket to help you fix this module.

        Gear motor N20-6V 60RPM


    • 30 rpm/min @0.06A/3VDC, Torque: 0.3 kgcm;
    • 60 rpm/min @0.12A/6VDC, Torque: 1 kgcm;
    • 120 rpm/min @0.3A/12VDC, Torque: 2 kgcm;