GPS Expansion Board for Onion Omega

Item #: DEV-14446
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    The GPS Expansion Board for the Onion Omega is a USB-based expansion that allows your Omega to pinpoint its location using both GPS and China’s BeiDou satellite positioning systems. The GPS Expansion also comes with an onboard GPS antenna, as well as a built-in U.FL connector to attach your own antenna.

    Each of these expansion boards provides up to 1.8m accuracy, 66 search channels, 22 tracking channels and -165dBm sensitivity with a 10Hz update rate.

    The Onion Omega boards we carry are separated into three different categories: Mainboard, Dock and Expansion Board. Although this board falls into the Expansion Board category, it is not equipped with a 30-pin Expansion Header, so you will still need a dock with a USB Host like the Mini Dock, Expansion Dock or Arduino Dock R2.


    • Accuracy: 1.8m
    • Search channels: 66
    • Tracking channels: 22
    • Sensitivity: -165dBm
    • Update rate: 10Hz