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The GY-9255 is a 9-axis MotionTracking device that combines a 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis magnetometer and a Digital motion processor. Based on the IC MPU-9255, which is the upgrade version of MPU9250. The new MPU-9255 is the company?s first generation 9-axis activity detection part, working in conjunction with the AAR? activity detection library. The InvenSense ?AlwaysOn? low power sensor can detect run, walk, bike, no-motion, and sleep analysis on a wrist worn wearable device. This solution is ideal for Smart Watch, Smart Band, and Fitness Tracker applications that want to enable the next generation features for wearable products. 


  • Power supply: 3-5v (internal low dropout regulator)
  • Communication: standard IIC communication protocol
  • Built-in 16bit AD converter chip, 16-bit data output
  • Gyroscope range: ? 250 /500 /1000 /2000 ? / s
  • Acceleration Range: ? 2 /? /4 ?/ 8 ? /16g
  • Field range: ? 4800uT
  • Using Immersion Gold PCB, machine welding process to ensure quality
  • Pin spacing: 2.54mm
  • Module size: 15mm * 25mm

Package list

  • GY9255 9DOF Sensor Module x 1

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