Price: $81.43

This is a digital maglev which is powered by 5v. You can charge the module by your mobile phone charger or rechargeable treasure. The capacity of this module is optional, you can choose 200g, 350g and 500g. The special design is increasing a breathing lamp, so makes the module full of technology.
It can be used for product display, which can make the display more comprehensive. Besides that, it also can be used for fun DIY to inspire your idea.


  • It has small size, only for the 40-50% size of magnetic suspension similar products.
  • Its power is low, just 0.5-2w.
  • Anti-interference ability is good.
  • It is stable when it works, can be suspended for a long time without falling.
  • Waiting 5 seconds after powering, then put the magnet right above the module.
  • There exists silica gel between inductors to prevent it from moving.


  • Weight: 284g
  • Diameter: 80mm
  • Working voltage: 5v (USB)
  • Power: 1-3w

Package list

  • High Efficiency DC 5V Power Supply Digital Maglev Heavy Load Maglev x 1
  • Power supply cable x 1