HVFF Copper Union Straight Pneumatic Hand Valves

Item #: EL-DIY14520V
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    If you need a general-purpose pipe joints valve switch, it can help you, you need to choose a tube of 4mm diameter, may be a fluorine plastic or PU tube, but you should notice that silicone tube can not be used with it. It can work at harsh environment with long worklife.


    • hand valve are deisgned to turn on and off the airflow
    • Suitable for 4mm tube
    • Long worklife


    • Media: Air or Vacuum
    • Operating Pressure?0 ~ 1.0 MPa
    • Negative Pressure?-750mmHg
    • Pressure Proof?1.5 MPa
    • Operating Temperature Range: 5 ~ 60?

    Package list

    • HVFF Copper Union Straight Pneumatic Hand Valves x1