J-Link EDU Mini Programmer

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    The J-Link line of JTAG programmers from Segger is well known for their top of the line debuggers. The J-Link EDU Mini is a great option for those getting started with JTAG/SWD programming and debugging. Each J-Link EDU Mini is a version of the J-Link EDU Base in a reduced form factor with identical functionality for Cortex-M based targets. It has been designed to allow students and educational facilities as well as hobbyists access to top of the line debug probe technology.

    With a microB USB port on one end, and a 2x5 SWD connector on the other end, just plug in the included cable and connect to your favorite ARM board to get started.

    Note: This unit is for Educational and Home Hobby Use Only. Please be sure that you agree to these terms before purchasing: Terms of use. If you require commercial use, please check out our related products for other programmers such as the J-Link BASE Compact.


    • J-Link EDU Mini
    • 0.05" 20-pin ribbon cable
    • 0.05" 10-pin ribbon cable
    • MicroB USB cable


    • Unlimited Breakpoints
    • Free Software updates
    • Supports concurrent access to CPI by multiple applications
    • Crossplatform support (Windows, Linux, macOS)
      • Linux and Mac versions are limited to J-Link Commander, command line GDBServer, shared library (DLL equivalent)
    • Size: 35mm x 17mm x 8mm
    • Weight: 5g
    • Target interface voltage (3.3V)
    • JTAG speed: Max 4MHz
    • SWO sampling frequency: Max 4MHz
    • Data input rise time and fall time: <=20ns
    • Data output rise time and fall time: <=10ns
    • Clock rise time and fall time: <=10ns