KeyDuino Development Board for NFC Arduino Projects

Item #: EL-CDK45050K
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    KeyDuino is an Arduino compatible development board with built-in NFC (Near-Field Communication).
    This board will be the bridge that helps you wirelessly interact with your environment, drive motors, unlock strikes, control relays, read from a temperature sensor and all thanks to built in NFC connectivity, right out of the box. Reading & writing the content of an NFC tag or establish a peer to peer communication between KeyDuino and an NFC smartphone is easy !


      • Same size as an Arduino UNO
      • Uses NXP PN532 chip for NFC
      • Processor : ATMEGA32u4 (Arduino Leonardo bootloader)
      • Input Voltage (Jack) ? 7-12volts
      • GPIO Pins ? 20
      • On board 5v & 3.3v regulator
      • Analog input channels ? 12
      • DC Current per I/O Pin - 40 mA

    Package list

        • KeyDuino with USB cable x 1
        • NFC tags (NTAG213) x 2
        • Deported antenna with cable x 1