Love to Code Chibi Clip Mounting Accessory

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    An essential companion to the Chibi Chip, the Chibi Clip Mounting Accessory enables rapid testing and re-use of the microcontroller board without any headache. With the Chibi Clip, attaching (and detaching) your Chip to circuits built on paper is as easy as using a clothespin.

    The Chibi Clip was designed with classrooms and teachers on a tight budget in mind. Soldering and taping require consumables, and are semi-permanent attachment solutions that risk some damage to the Chip. The Clip uses the tension of its built-in spring to press the Chips’ electrodes onto copper tape, allowing quick and easy re-use of a Clip-mounted Chip between multiple projects and students.

    When designing copper tape patterns to work with the Chibi Clip, it’s recommended to use the Chibi Chip as a guide and mark on the paper’s edge where the copper tape should go, before laying out the copper tape. Run the tape all the way to the edge of the paper, and make sure the tape is as smooth as you can make it before attempting to clip.

    Note: The Chibi Clip Mounting Accessory does NOT include a Chibi Chip Microcontroller Board and will need to be purchased separately.