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This shield is specially designed for Micro: bit, LCD1602 and Micro: bit using 4-wire connection, it is the same size as LCD1602 display and has 4 crowtail interface, IIC, UART, analog port and digital port. LCD1602 display contrast also can be adjusted.
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This motor/ servo shield is for Micro: bit, it provides a simple way to add motor driving capability to a micro: bit. The shield can drive 2 motors, 2 servos, and allow the motors to be driven with forward, reverse, stop control.
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Are you looking for the relay module for the Micro: bit? Here we have combined the relay with the Micro: bit and you can use Micro: bit to control 4 relays at the same time.
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It is a cost-effective shell for your Micro: bit development board. The shell has a transparent acrylic body, which can allow you see the inside clearly.
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