Got an hour and an Edison robot?

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Grab your Edison and join the #HourofCode movement!

This year there are three Edison Hour of Code activities to choose from:

The perfect holiday gift

The EdSTEM Home Pack, featuring two Edison robots and one EdCreate kit, is the perfect holiday gift bundle.

Unlock their imagination with 5 EdBuilds and open-ended engineering and design projects. Educational fun for the entire family!

Spare parts pack

Lost a part of your Edison? Don’t sweat it! The spare parts pack includes replacements for all of Edison’s removable parts.

1 x EdComm cable
1 x Battery door (including springs)
3 x Clear skid
2 x Wheels
2 x Tyres

Firmware update for V2.0 Edison robots

A firmware update which improves barcode reading and line tracking in V2.0 robots is now available.

Use the online firmware checker to check for the latest firmware version for your unit. Latest updates:

  • Version 1 Edison robots: June 2017
  • V2.0 Edison robots: November 2018
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