Price: $14.20

This diffuse reflection photoelectric switch works through reflection of detection object on light beam, and then it can detect whether there is an object or not. The state of the object can be detected rapidly without touch and damage, and the detection range can be sensitively adjusted.
It can be used on security system to detect objects or person, also used for counting and piecework on industry.


  • Small size and multi-function.
  • Fast response and high precision.
  • Strong resistance to light, electricity and magnetic interference.


  • Detection distance: 30cm
  • Detection target: transparent / opaque object
  • Response time: 30ms
  • Turn on delay: 1.5ms
  • Light source: infrared light(660nm)
  • Voltage: AC220V/DC24V (optional)
  • Power current: below 3A
  • Control output: below 2A (contact life)

Package list

  • Photo Electric Switch Diffuse Reflection Type E3JK-DS30M1 30CM Sensor DC24V x 1