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Prototyping is taking your concept from design to implementation. These boards can be quite bare with single points for connectors to horizontal or vertical strips of copper contacts laid out into design areas that can work quite well with various components.
This prototyping plate has great functionality due to its design. The main area is separated into two parts, the top half is similar to a breadboard which has rails running across the field. The bottom half is full of single points that work well if you want to add DIPs or other devices without rails. The remaining portion of the board has female headers which are marked out allowing for jumper wires to connect up with your projects. The last part of this design has terminal screw connectors for semi permanent setups and an SOIC pad. Another great point is the extra tall 26 pin risers that help the board clear all the Pi?s components such as USB and RCA output jacks.

    Prototyping Pi Plate

    Prototyping Pi Plate

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