PSP 3000 2-Axis Analog Thumb Joystick

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    PSP3000 2-Axis Analog Thumb Joystick could be the perfect tactile solution for your project with low cost and good quality to fulfill your directional analog input needs!
    This is a replacement component for the PSP3000 but it is added with a great little thumbstick for a wearable or portable project. Though similar with other version, it has a cable for connecting rather than direct-solder. The joystick is a 'self-centering' analog-type which means that it basically acts like two 10K potentiometers, one for up/down and another for left/right.
    It has a built-in flex cable that can plug right into a fine pitch (0.5mm) connector. The four pins are connected to power, ground and then two analog outputs. As the joystick is moved around, the voltage will follow the motion. When you release the joystick, it will center itself.


    • Power supply: 3/5V
    • Product Dimensions: 44.1mm x 18.6mm x 11.7mm / 1.7" x 0.7" x 0.5"
    • Weight: 16g
    • Operating temp range: +32?F to +158?F (0?C to +70?C)

    Package list

    • PSP 3000 2-Axis Analog Thumb Joystick x1

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