• Resonator 20MHz SMD (Strip of 10) - DD-14068
  • Resonator 20MHz SMD (Strip of 10) - DD-14068
Price: $5.63


This is a 10-pack of 20MHz resonators in a tiny SMD package. Resonators function like crystals but stick closer to their specified frequency over a full temperature range. These resonators possess an initial frequency tolerance of ±0.5% and a load capacity of 15pF.

These specific resonators were once used in a multitude of our products but, sadly, are no longer needed. We have made them available at a drastically reduced price for anyone who could possibly use one (or 10) of these handy little ICs.

Note: Since this product belongs to our Ding & Dent category, once we are out of stock we will not carry it again. Get them while you can!


  • [Datasheet](https://cdn.sparkfun.com/datasheets/Components/General IC/p16e.pdf)